I lived in Mexico until I was 12. I started 6th grade in Eagle Pass, knowing very little English. I came to San Marcos in 2016 as a freshman and fell in love with it. I noticed that there was no real elote up in here. So I had to bring it up here! I started saving up since December 2017. It has been a heck of a ride so far!

Dream it

I could barely afford college, I finished in fall 2018. It took me 2 years and a half.

Save Money

I would DJ in the weekends, and work as an uber driver during the week.

Mexican Faimly

My parents are my biggest motivation to prove them wrong. Don't get me wrong, they want the best for me but I am such a "cabezon". They told me that as long as I gave them the degree, I could do whatever I wanted with my life after graduation. So here we are selling elotes

F*ck COVID-19

April 2020 was going to be the month were I started working in the food truck in San Marcos. Honestly I had enough money to just open. I was going to take the risk of maybe not being able to afford rent of my apartment for the next month. As you can guess by now I had to drop uber because I did not want to get myself or loved ones sick. Weddings and quinceaƱeras got canceled, so I had no money coming in. Also did not recieved a stimulus check because I did not qualifed for it. Let's put it this way, I am 22. My parents claimed me in 2019, this year I had filed alone but of course they hadn't recieved it in time. At the time this pandemic was developing I had to make a decision of wasting the money I had saved to start the food truck, wait for a miracle to happen, or get another job as soon as possible. So since April I have been working 10 pm to 7 am, five days per week at a supercenter that starts with a W. I moved back with my parents to my hometown in Eagle Pass, Texas. In July 1 to be exact, my dad's birthday. He turned 62 this year, we recieved the results that we tested positive for COVID-19.


I beat COVID-19. Thank you for supporting me and reading up until here. Pideselo a la vida, hasta que esta te diga, "aqui esta, ya no estes ch*ngando."

HAHA none of that worked out ^

That food truck broke in I-35, had to call a welder to come and pick me up. I did cry tbh. My savings died, then I ended up with a contract of an apartment that I never picked up they keys for (paying 675 a month). I had nothing to lose no more, so I ended up working at the oil rigs in Midland, Texas. This is where I tried quesabirrias and birria maruchan for the first time. I knew we had to bring them to Eagle Pass. So I worked my butt off and saved for another food truck. I got laid off and I knew I had to start in Eagle Pass. The rest is history, been working and living the American Dream every day. Puro Takitos con Sabor, no le aflojen!

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